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For this part of the Motivation series, we are going to chat a bit about staying healthy and slowing down.   Katherine Ratliff is an expert at nutrition and everything that leads to feeling great in your own body. Living a mindful, slow and intentional life has changed her life to a point where she […]

Live a happy life – Chatting with Katherine

I have no idea how many years you have to be married in order to say “Let me give you some advice” .  I feel like we could only, truly ask those sweet couples that go past the 30, 40 years together. Those sweet couples that can communicate with the wink of an eye, or […]

What we have

    This is me and Don Ronald – Don Ronald is my father, mentor, bff, favorite second shooter, editor, and all time life hero. We both like photography in all its forms: portraits, landscape, and our favorite : weddings! We also like to have photography battles when one of us shoots with the “big […]

My family is my best team

 Giving back is always in my heart and in my priorities. That’s why I love the idea behind Watsi in supporting healthcare for patients around the world. Watsi is the most awesome crowdfunding project in earth. Watsi is a nonprofit that lets anyone to directly fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world. They identify patients through vetted local medical partners, […]

Giving back – Watsi

Handwritten notes are time magicians. They pause time, transport you back in time and they are, and always will be, timeless. Impactful, they feel more permanent than a text,  and they show, investment. There is authenticity in the letters, in the tones and in the purpose. I could so easily trust someone who takes their time […]

The magic of handwritten notes

Molly Ancel is one of those people that shines their own light. She shines her own light in a way that you meet her or see her, you can’t miss it! Since I started following Molly’s path online I have learned how full of sheer determination this girl is and  how full of heart, and I have decided to […]

Chatting about health and life with Molly

  In the past years my life has been change after another, a constant learning, a constant adjustment. Life changing adventures. From big things, like moving countries or buying houses, to small adjustments like learning how to open packages in the US. For the most part, I like to think I have dealt with this in the […]

Life changing (with) adventures

  Every now and then, specially when I find myself looking for a photo for #ThrowbackThursdays I end up traveling memory lane. I like to think about memories, my family and my childhood. I like to see photos that we have carefully collected and scanned (because the real prints are back home in my moms drawers). […]

The legacy is in our memories

  Please don’t ever go a year without going up north. That place is absolutely magical.

Upnorth with the folks

“Where are my gloves?” You will hear me ask at least twice a day. I am still not used to having to put so many things on, but here I am perfecting the practice of living in a snowglobe. There aren’t “layers” where I come from. In fact, there is only one kind of  sweater […]

Such is life in the Midwest

Before I share the photos of this one absolutely gorgeous wedding that we photographed at Madeline Island in Wisconsin, I wanted to simply share my memories of this beautiful place. We drove and stopped in so many places, just opening our car doors to the breeze, trying to catch with our eyes the incredible views. Took the ferry to […]

Madeline Island in Lake Superior dream

Of course I love Photography and all about it, so I have found from time to time, it is very rewarding to write on a specific topic. I have wrote guest posts for Photodoto , an awesome photo blog for all photographers, professional or hobbyists. Check them out below! Photography DIY tips Tutorial Depth of Field Sharper […]

Guest Photography Posts

Last year was one of many changes, ten days into 2014 and we knew that our lives would take a big turn! Back in January, my parents visited .  Little they know we would have news to share with them ! Our studio space and all my painting, renovating and lifting was put on hold.  I went […]

The New Year and the new best

Baby Oliver was born this past October 6th .  He is already changing so much and even tough I have my cameras I am trying to soak as much as I can now that we are both settling into our new life. The crazy days of waiting for him are gone and now there are another kind of crazy […]

Baby Oliver Newborn Session

We are beyond excited to share that we welcomed our son Oliver this past October 6th . The numbers: 7 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches.  As any mother, I was prepared, I read the books , did the classes –  I had my bag packed and my route to the hospital learned, but no matter how you prepare, giving […]

Baby K is here!