10 New Year’s Resolutions for Wedding and portrait photographers

I started this as a fun list to share with some photographer friends, but I am sure it applies to more people!

Hope you find it useful – and please let me know your thoughts!

1. I will commit to an schedule

I will stop thinking of new projects at 2:00 Am.

I will use my planner/ organizer or a progress sheet more than to use my pretty pens.

I will find a way that works for me without expending too much time on the preparation part.

Trello has been awesome.

2. I will not end up on the Internet for the wrong reason

Bye, bye Pinterest, at least for a while. Internet is as  good  distraction black hole (pack with the endless resources too).  I will end the zombie scrolling.

I will minimize distractions or set up a slot of time for distractions only.

3. I will stop comparing myself to others

And stop getting depressed about it. And this goes for life too

 I will learn to look proudly at what I have accomplished and the wonderful pictures I take. (I still want your lens collection tough)

4. I will simplify my post processing

Also, I will take less pictures. Say what?   I mean take pictures with more intention.

 I will simplify my editing and use best tools for my work.

Photomechanic has been my right hand this year.

5. I will attempt to have some free time

When I finally catch up, or after my day of work is over, I will relax and find some stuff to do away from the computer . I will avoid to work on Sundays and /or holidays .

6. I will actually eat breakfast at the table

(And lunch. And dinner)

I will take care of myself, prepare a healthy meal with delight and enjoy it. Breaks are super important during the day and by break I don’t mean run to the kitchen to get something.

I will also go to bed when I am supposed to.

7. I will have my own back

I will sit straight, look away from the computer every 20 minutes, stretch, make sure my workplace is ergonomic and throw that old chair away.

 I will choose a good bag to carry on my shoulder, find straps that are better and stop carrying all in one bag! Maybe get some new wheels (like suitcase wheels)

 10 hours of shooting  should automatically buy me a massage

8. I will define my backup system

I will have my externals drives meet my cloud backups and exchange phone numbers 🙂 Arrange my  secondary copies, and nail that that perfect system finally.

Check: Crashplan 

9. I will feed my creative self

I will take my camera with more often, and will stop relating it to just work. I will stop shooting everything else with the phone.

I will take more pictures of friends , family and even myself. More personal projects, more crazy ideas will come to life!

10. I will share more photos

I will blog more pictures, and share more pictures that I have been keeping for myself so long.

Let’s stay connected!  Use whatever preferred method to do so: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 🙂

Good luck 😉 and Happy New Year!

What are your awesome new resolutions? 🙂


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