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Molly Ancel is one of those people that shines their own light. She shines her own light in a way that you meet her or see her, you can’t miss it!

Since I started following Molly’s path online I have learned how full of sheer determination this girl is and  how full of heart, and I have decided to talk about her in order to start this series of inspirational posts.

One of the things I want to actively talk about in my blog for this year is about motivation, mental and physical health. In this quest, I have found Molly’s voice is not only a great example, but a really, really big inspiration.

In the last two years, Molly’s live has turned around in a way that has lead her to inspire others.  Molly also shares about her everyday struggles, bits and pieces of her story and her thoughts in a way that makes it so motivating, that you can’t avoid to wonder .. Could I do this as well?

Besides finding a healthy, inspired way to live your life, Molly´s also prioritizes leisure time to find balance in her life. She is  a hardcore fan of The Office and loves listening to personal development Audio Books instead of reading them, and  is a morning person which is pretty much like an unicorn (I have actually never met one, but once you meet her, you are like “AHA- they do exist!”).

Her aspirations to be a health coach started from her desire to inspire others and share the way some everyday choices like exercise and eating better have made her a different person, with a different outlook in life.   Molly  wants to help people feel better about themselves, and achieve their own goals, so they can actively live their lives.

I’ll leave you with a few words from Molly !

How did your journey into a  healthy lifestyle began?

I was an on-again-off-again exerciser. I would workout and eat well to lose weight. I would stop once I reached my goal and would gain all my weight back. I did that for about 8 years.
In March of 2015 my dad died suddenly from a heart attack. My dad and I were always close and his death hit me hard, it flipped my world up side down. I didn’t know how to deal with it…
So I numbed my pain by drinking, eating whatever I damn well pleased, and being inactive (unless I was drinking, then I moved around). I found I was living a life I hated. I gave into every desire and temptation and, in the moment, it felt good. I developed anxiety from the alcohol, food, and lack of exercise. After day in and day out of feeling like I may die because of the anxiety, I needed a change.
I knew if I kept up this lifestyle I would eventually die an early death. I still hadn’t married the love of my life or had the children I always wanted (yet) and I couldn’t give those things up.
I came across Melissa (my coach) on Facebook; she was an online health and fitness coach and was incredibly motivating. I watched her for a few months and one day I decided that I would reach out. Her response was warm and welcoming. I shared with her my story and she helped me get started with a fitness program, nutritious shakes, and got me involved in a community of others who were also looking to get healthy and live healthy. I was hooked.
 molly ancel get motivatedhealthy motivational tips from coach

 How do you keep yourself upbeat?

Reading and implementing personal development (You are a Badass by Jen Sincero is AMAZING), eating clean food, moving my body, and taking ME time (this one is the hardest but it the MOST effective). Let’s be honest, feeling crappy sucks. Some days, just getting over those negative feelings is enough to stay upbeat…

Did you have a coach / mentor?

Yes, 2 actually. I have my fitness coach, Melissa and a job coach, Debbie.

What made you start your own coaching? 

When I started my fitness journey I was able to get a discount on my products by signing up as a coach. As I was doing daily workouts and feeling how it started changing my daily life, I wanted to share this with others and show others that living a health, happy life was absolutely possible!

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What are your Favorite motivational books? 

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, Chop Wood Carry Water by Joshua Medcalf (current read), The Compound Effect by Darrin Hardy

What are your Favorite foods to feel upbeat? 

Veggies and eggs….I LOVE a good omelet!

What is your favorite part of the day?

Morning, hands down. I have the MOST energy in the morning!
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What is “Balance” for you? 

Scheduling time for the things that are important to me and allowing myself leeway from time to time. A day off from working out once a week, a hoagie from time to time, a lazy day here and there…

Where does your inspiration come from?

Showing up for myself every day and showing up for others. When I get those calls or messages that read “I can go upstairs without getting winded” or “my jeans FIT.” That gets me every time…

What makes you smile?

My niece and nephew, picturing my husband with our children, knowing that I have the power to create the life I WANT. I don’t have to settle.
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What is your top motivational tip?

Remember WHY you want to be healthier, why you want to be better. ESPECIALLY remember why on those days you aren’t feeling like being healthier or better.

How was your journey impacted your friends and family?

Our relationships have been more open and honest which is creating deeper and healthier bonds.
How about you? What keeps you going? What fires you up? 🙂
 Do you want to participate in our Motivation series? Please send me a message! 

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