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 Giving back is always in my heart and in my priorities. That’s why I love the idea behind Watsi in supporting healthcare for patients around the world.
Watsi is the most awesome crowdfunding project in earth.
Watsi is a nonprofit that lets anyone to directly fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world.
They identify patients through vetted local medical partners, whose actual doctors help patients share their stories on Watsi‘s website, provide treatment, and send updates to the donors who helped to crowdfund the patients’ care.
I am so happy that medics and doctors like this exist in the world as well.
The story
Chase, the founder, had this idea while traveling in Costa Rica working for the Peace corps,  when this woman boarded a bus Chase was on and asked for donations to pay for her son’s healthcare. She inspired him to start Watsi, and name it after the town he was traveling through at the time. She was carrying her son´s medical records and then he gets this idea, for crowdfunding people’s most important necessity: healthcare.
  It is truly a genius idea! Crowdfunding used for a super awesome  and REAL cause. Chase and his company are the fastest growing non-profits in web history!
Their numbers 
Since launching four years ago, Watsi has raised more than $7M to fund more than 100 different types of care — from life-saving heart surgeries, to sight-restoring cataract surgeries, to intensive nutritional rehabilitation for malnutrition — for 10K patients in 24 countries.
100% of the donations are used directly for the patients’ healthcare and the optional tips are the source of value capture for Watsi.
 You can read on their numbers in their page, everything is posted!
How it works?
The way it works is that patients who cannot afford medical treatment, when they visit a partner hospital, are given details about Watsi. The patient can choose to share their story on Watsi and create a profile with the hospital help. In critical cases Watsi works with the hospitals to ensure the patient receives the required donations. After the treatment, Watsi transfers funds to the hospital. Then the hospital shares a post-treatment update of patients to the donors.
The stories

Read on these super heart warming stories:
Our little way of giving back is to invite you as a friend and client of Laura Alpizar Photography to use your Watsi gift cards to help sponsor healthcare for someone in need.
 Feel free to sign up directly in this link: Universal Fund.  Even $5 every month can make a positive and REAL change in someone’s life.


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