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Live a happy life – Chatting with Katherine

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For this part of the Motivation series, we are going to chat a bit about staying healthy and slowing down.  

Katherine Ratliff is an expert at nutrition and everything that leads to feeling great in your own body. Living a mindful, slow and intentional life has changed her life to a point where she wants to share this wonderful techniques. She considers food, and the food making process a way to heal and grow. In her quest to finding her calling, she found a happy and healthy lifestyle, to the point where she is inspiring others finding their own path to a happier living. She created her own business>  At Katherine’s table is  , where she provides nutrition, wellbeing and mental health tips. 

 When I first chatted with Katherine, I instantly felt like I was reconnecting with a friend. Katherine’s pace at talking and sharing her points of view is both really calming and energizing.

After I shared more about my project, I was curious to learn what motivated Kate into a different life. Since we all have a turning point in life, I am so curious of when do people decide to make a change. She explained to me that she went to college for a different major, and felt overwhelmed as her year went by. She then decided to take a break, and eventually found herself completely changing careers, finding that she needed to first follow  her heart.  In that quest she decided for Nutrition and learned not only what the science behind food is, but a way to turn her life around and make a priority of living it fully. 

Since then, Katherine has moved from Seattle to Minnesota, and has been focusing in leading and inspire others to find the balance in their lives. 

From talking to her I am so inspired on slow living, on setting boundaries on social media and on making food with my hands. See what you learn from Kate and don’t be afraid to reach out to her directly in her site! 

How did your journey into a healthy lifestyle began?

“My journey into health and wellness began in college. I lived in an honor house called “The Wendell Berry House”. Wendell Berry is an incredible farmer, environmental activist, and novelist. Our mission was to bring communities together through local, seasonal, real food. As I began to understand the impact that food has on the health of communities and the environment, I also started to become interested in the other piece of the puzzle… The relationship between what we eat and our own individual health. This interest led me on an entirely new journey. To discover how what I ate affected my own wellbeing – the physical, mental, and emotional sides of my health. After pursuing a certificate in holistic health coaching, I decided to deepen my understanding of nutrition by returning to school for my master’s in nutrition and dietetics. I love being able to combine the two. My education as a dietitian provides a rich understanding of how nutrition impacts all aspects of our health. As a health coach, I can take this one step further and dive into the lifestyle components that are so important to our overall health and wellbeing. I love this work!”

What made you start your own business/ blog?

“When I first became interested in the health and wellness field, I inhaled everything I could get my hands on. Books, blogs, podcasts, websites, you name it. These resources were my lifeline as I made some big transitions…. One of those being to switch directions in my studies and get my master’s in nutrition. When I decided to go back to school, I did so with the goal of eventually having my own business and healthy and wellness blog. I am so fortunate to now contribute to this community and excited to see where my business and blog will take me.” 

How do you make your self slow down?

“This is so important and I’m really happy you bring this up! As Americans we are taught from a very early age  to go-go-go. That the more we fill in our day, the more we can accomplish and the more successful we will be. This mentality is still something I fight against on a regular basis. Slowing down is so important for our mental, emotional, and even physical health. When we push ourselves to the limit, it takes a toll on our adrenal glands… and our body’s ability to cope with stress. I’ve unfortunately had to learn this the hard way. Slowing down and leaving time for self-care is so incredibly vital for our overall health and wellbeing. As contradictory as this may sound, I’ve found that I can be more productive, in a healthier and happier way, by slowing down. “

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What does this look like? For me, I slow down by channelling the lessons I’ve learned from the Blue Zones (areas in the world with the highest percentage of centenarians). I make time for long meals with loved ones. I enjoy evenings spent with a cup of tea and a good book. I love riding my bike or walking as a form of transportation. I’m lucky enough to live in an area with excellent bike lanes and good walking trails. These activities are my “self-care”. They allow me to slow down, be mindful, and prioritize what’s important in life. 

What have you learned during your journey to a mindful life? 

The biggest lessons I’ve learned about being mindful are the importance of slowing down, centering your thoughts, and surrounding yourself with people that love and inspire you. 

The other area that I don’t think gets talked about enough is the importance of setting limits and boundaries on social media. As a blogger, social media is a bit of a necessary evil. I love using it to be able to connect with my readers and other like-minded individuals. In fact, I’ve met some incredible people this way! On the other hand, it can also, if not used with limits, become very isolating, distracting, and lead to being less mindful. Setting boundaries and limits on my use of social media has helped it to stay a positive experience. When I go on social media, I do so with a purpose. To make a post, send a message, connect with others. This way I can still be present in my life and mindful of my surroundings, while still being involved in the world-wide health and wellness community. 

Did you have a coach/mentor or inspiration?

There are so many amazing dietitians and nutritionists making an incredible impact in the health and wellness community. I am constantly inspired by their work. A few to name would be: Ellie Freeman of Simply Nourished Nutrition, McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped, and Sarah Adler of Simply Real Health.


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What is the favorite part of your day?

I am a morning person through and through. I like to start my day with some light stretching and then take a moment to set an intention for the day. After this, I typically sip on a warm mug of hot tea, put on some good music, and go to my planner to map out what I would like to accomplish that day. I love taking this time for myself, centering my mind, and preparing for the day ahead. 

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What is balance for you?

Listening to your body and honoring what it tells you. We can do this with food and honoring our hunger/fullness signals, with our health, with exercise, and other activities. Our bodies are incredibly knowledgeable – sometimes we just need to take a moment to pause, and honor that internal wisdom. 

What makes you smile?

Being surrounded by people I love. Oh, and good food! 

What is the one advice you would give ?

Your actions reflect what you deem important in life. Take a look at your day-to-day activities and behaviors. Do these speak to your hopes and dreams? If not, start by making small changes. Whether it’s swapping an hour of TV for a walk with a friend or adding a salad a few nights a week. No action is too small when it comes to changing behaviors and following your dreams. 

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Top threes: 

Three  favorite foods

1. Fresh mozzarella cheese with sliced peaches

2. Pan fried shredded brussels sprouts and coconut

3. Salmon – grilled, baked, smoked, seared – I love it all 🙂

Three favorite Books

1. The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner

2. Unprocessed By Megan Kimble

3. All 7 Harry Potter books 

Three Favorite podcasts

1. The Ultimate Health Podcast

2. Underground Wellness 

3. Invisibilia 

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