The magic of handwritten notes

handwritten notes

Handwritten notes are time magicians. They pause time, transport you back in time and they are, and always will be, timeless.

Impactful, they feel more permanent than a text,  and they show, investment. There is authenticity in the letters, in the tones and in the purpose. I could so easily trust someone who takes their time to leave a thank you note.

They instantly bring me back to memories.  Memories of  passing notes in class, making notes for friends and of course, love letters. Memories of having time, of thinking our words. Memories of making poems in my room, way before we found ways to get perpetually distracted.

In notes, I can recognize the classic Js my mom mades, or the beautiful symmetric letters my brother writes too. I could get lost in a shopping list of my husband scribbles and be transported 10 years back.

From my husband I keep a serious stash of notes, from when were far away, and even after we married, I kept saving our random notes wishing good luck, post its with short I love you´s and big cards with encouraging messages on it. I keep them as safe as our printed photos and our marriage certificate.

Handwritten letters are beautiful, and now they are such a strange and forgotten commodity, but saying I like you – I appreciate you with a pen, will forever be my favorite. They are tangible, maybe that´s the magic?

Slow down today in memory of all the beautiful notes, which are now endangered… take your favorite pen today and write a little note. Take your time to include your signed name.

handwritten note

handwriting notes

personal handwritten notes

My stash of saved notes from Adam:

personalized notes

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