Winter Engagement Photos, Tips and Locations!

Planning for Winter Engagement Photos

Tips for your Winter Engagement Photos

Pick a wintery location

Pick a park with evergreen trees for something in the city or you can also go to a tree farm. Most tree farms are okay with you shooting, but they do require a permit ahead of time.

Timing is key

Schedule your engagement photos one hour and a half or more before sunset for the best light. We  can also schedule in the early morning ! The good thing about Winter in the morning is that many times we have cloudy days , which are both great for light and warmer!

Wait for snow!

The winter months tend to be more flexible for us photographers, so I like to pick a 10 day span for our session and pick the days it is most likely to snow. I know this might not work for everyone ! Snow happens when it’s not too cold outside , so that helps have a good time outside! Above 32 F and closer to February is my rule of thumb.

Embrace the snow! 

I will always encourage a little snow fight (towards the end of our session)  roll around in it , make a snow angel ! Just be your true selves together and trust me we will make your photos incredible!

How to stay warm during your winter session

Good “underpants”

When figuring out your outfits ,  make sure you pick long underwear to wear underneath. Couples choose beautiful texture rich sweaters that add to the scene easily

Mittens and hats

Even if you won’t be wearing them, bring them along and give them to me. If you find that they can match your outfits go for it ! When your ears and hands get too cold we need to take a break!

Throw a blanket

As we are embracing the comfy outfits, also bring  a blanket to shelter in! This helps to not get wet bottoms when sitting down for cuddles.

Magical drinks

Bring hot cocoa, cider or coffee and take a break. If it’s cold or windy, you will need some time to warm your hands ! I won’t get mad if it’s Mulled Wine you brought for everybody !

Hand warmers

Hand warmers and feet (reusable even!) are your best friends. I keep them in my car from October to May ! 🙂 You never know in Minnesota! For better use of them open them at least 30 minutes before our time to meet. Specially the one for your feet should be placed before we meet.

Ideas for Winter engagement sessions

Here are a few examples of Winter fun!

Tree Farm Engagement Photos

We visited a lovely tree farm in a snowy day and warmed up with hugs!   We also enjoyed many laughs! These two are hilariously fun ! And after all, we only had one little ice fall (who, me?)

Wait a snow day and visit your closest park

snowy minnesota engagement photography

This session at Lake of the Isles was in the Spring, however, we had snow storm the day before! Hand warmers were absolutely needed as this session was more on the cold side!

This other session at Lake Harriet was also an snowy wonderland

Downtown Minneapolis or St Paul Engagement Session

Winter is gorgeous in a big city! View this Minneapolis Winter Engagement here.

Thinking of doing Minneasota winter photos? Contact me to work together!

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