Moving to Minneapolis ♥

New Chapter: Moving to Minneapolis

We are moving to Minneapolis! Minneapolis is one of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, where my husband currently lives.

 We just got married in San Jose Costa Rica,. If you are just new over here, I will give you the short version: My husband is from Minnesota and I am from Costa Rica, we met years ago when he came down to Costa Rica to study Spanish.

 After years of being long distance relationship, we got married last year, started our documents and just had a bigger wedding celebration. We have decided moving to Minneapolis would be a great place to start our life together.

How I feel about it: I am emotional about moving!

There comes a time where life is bigger than us, and more surprising than we ever thought it would be.

I never thought I would be packing my whole life in two bags,  getting jackets and snow boots ordered and doing so much paper work!

There has been so much paper work, interviews, waiting! This isn’t exactly easy, but we are very determined on being together.

I might have cried a little in the last weeks, it’s both nostalgic and exciting to be moving !

I feel so lucky to finally be able to BE with the love of my life .

What I will think I will miss the most:

  • My family
  • My friends
  • The weather
  • The food ( the one my mom makes)
  • My doggie
  • Talking Spanish!

hammock picture of adam and me

Moving to Minneapolis Photography, here I come!

We will be starting our life together in Minneapolis, Minnesota , and will also be starting our photography revolution over there, and by revolution I mean, awesomeness! We clasp our hands together and know that everything, every single thing will be alright !

We are very excited to be moving and translating all of our photo blogs as well, since we are  starting fresh with a whole new image and brand.

What do you think I will miss the most?

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