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Wedding Photo by Ladeda Photography.

I have no idea how many years you have to be married in order to say “Let me give you some advice” .  I feel like we could only, truly ask those sweet couples that go past the 30, 40 years together. Those sweet couples that can communicate with the wink of an eye, or a little touch in the shoulder.

It’s not only because we are babies that I am not giving any advice, but because  I could actually use all the advice in the world.  I am simply giving you a part of our story, as encouragement .

Our relationship has always been a challenging adventure: since we have been together, we had to learn to communicate better . Explain what we mean (to this day) since we speak different languages. We had to make a plan to move countries, to be together. And to leave part of my family behind.  We had to plan one wedding here and one reception there while at the same time we were filling document after document for my residence. Once we moved, once our “happy ever after” started, we had to learn to live with each other. While I learned to live far from everything I knew before.

Through all of this, we still find each other hugging US. And falling into each other. Yes, we have gone to bed mad before. And it was the best we could do at that time. We have kept our words when they felt like they would hurt more than help.  We have learned to love when it feels like yelling, or to start  to joke when everything arounds us feels like a stinking nightmare.

I am so proud of what we have together. Even if it’s just our story and a little human to come along with us.  Truth is, we don’t have it all figured out yet, except that if we keep trying … it works. If we keep trying, one or the other, in different ways and at different times. It truly works. When we stopped thinking that love was going to keep us together, and started trusting  our purpose to stay strongly and happy together… it started to work better. We are partners, and best friends, and sometimes buddies. But mostly we are everything to each other.

More than years (and frequent flyer miles), we have more and more for each other.  We have more patience, more understanding and more “I see where you are coming from” . We don’t celebrate with flowers or cards, but we celebrate with the most profound relief that we are together. And we have it all.

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