Couple embracing in front of the Minneapolis Skyline

The Best Minneapolis Wedding + Engagement Photo Locations

The Best Minneapolis Wedding + Engagement Photo Locations

Minneapolis has such great opportunities for photos all around, from city views to parks and lakes ! Here are my favorite best Minneapolis Wedding Photo Locations! From the top skyline views to the most favorite lakefronts to capture your pictures!

The Best Wedding and Engagement Photography Spots in Minneapolis

These areas are some of the best in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities area:

Couple embracing in front of the Minneapolis Skyline

View from St Anthony Main – Minneapolis

Saint Anthony Main

Address: 115 SE Main St, Minneapolis, MN 55414

A beautiful and popular spot to stroll around! St Anthony Main street is an historic and picturesque location. It has colorful store fronts, cobblestone streets, many trees and views of the city and the Stone Arch bridge! This spot is definitely a popular for photo sessions and night life so picking a weekdays is probably best!

Mill City Ruins

Address: 102 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55401

Just west across from the Stone Arch River, the Mill City Ruins park is full of textures, neutral colors, tall grass and stunning views of the city!  The weathered brick walls, and the architectural beauty of the Stone Arch bridge make it a wonderful spot. 

Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Address: 4124 Roseway Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55409

A beautiful & always colorful Minneapolis garden featuring two fountains and blooms almost all year around. The Rose Garden is a romantic and wonderful spot in the city!  Across the street you will find the Peace Japanese Gardens. The best part is that you can walk to Lake Harriet afterwards and incorporate the fantastic lake views at Sunset into your photos as well.

It is a very popular spot for photo sessions and recreation so I recommend to visit it in the morning or on weekdays for the highest of season (Aug-Sep-Oct)

Iconic Minneapolis Wedding Photo Locations 

If you’re looking for those postcard spots to the city of Minneapolis, here are some locations that reflect the best of Minneapolis views!


Happy couple embracing in the middle of the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis

Stone arch bridge Engagement session

Best Minneapolis Skyline Views

Stone Arch Bridge

Address: 100 Portland Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

The Stone Arch bridge arches beautifully over the Mississippi River, and it has  one of the best skyline views in the city of Minneapolis! Close to Gold Medal Park and St Anthony Main.

Stone Arch closure: The Stone Arch Bridge will be closed starting on Spring 2024 and the closure will be effective until 2026.

Boom Island Park

Address: 724 Sibley St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 

Upriver from Nicollet Island, Boom Island park is nestled along the river . Besides the beautiful water views, it has stunning skyline views, walking trails,  wooden stairs and a picturesque iron bridge (towards Nicollet Island). The seasonal tall grasses around the park can be a wonderful spot to show your love for nature! 

Nicollet Island Park

Address: 95 Merriam ST, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Very close to St Anthony Main, many times couples will stroll towards the Nicollet Island Park for even more nature. Surrounded by skyline views, amazing bridges and nature, this park is a perfect spot to hide in the city. 

Minnesota Sculpture Garden

Address: 725 Vineland Pl, Minneapolis, MN 55403

The Minnesota Sculpture Garden is definitely a must visit when it comes to Minneapolis locations, it counts with a collection of curated scultpures including the big cherry and the spoon sculpture!  

Gold Medal Park

Address: Second Street and 11th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55415

There is so much to love about this park! The views from the city and Guthrie Museum are stunning. It has a canopy of trees that are very picturesque ! This location is a great blend between nature and city.

Urban Minneapolis Wedding Photo Locations 

The Northloop

Once a commercial and warehouse part of downtown Minneapolis, full of streetcars and business, the North Loop is now a vibrant and emerging living area in the heart of Minneapolis. This sought-after location is an urban gem perfect for photo sessions.

With its chic boutiques, historic buildings, and modern charm, this neighborhood truly is a picturesque backdrop for engagement photos that resonate with an urban style . Having an engagement session in the Northloop will add uniqueness to your backdrop and it will end up feeling very dynamic as you walk through the best spots of this energetic neighborhood.

Minneapolis Parking Ramp Rooftop

Address: Hennepin Avenue Ramp

These kind of parking ramp locations have been popping on and off for the last year, and for a good reason! They are so fun! The view from a parking ramp truly gives a unique urban setting view in the heart of Minneapolis.  An unexpected yet captivating spot for engagement photos, shooting your photos in a Parking Ramp can add an intriguing and modern edge to your gallery.

Many times parking ramps will not allow photography but this one is one that I have known to still work to show those pretty views of Minneapolis.

Outdoor Minneapolis Engagement Photo Locations

Minneapolis is gorgeous during all four seasons and there are so many beautiful gardens, parks, and river walks to choose from if you’re hoping for an outdoor engagement session!

Couple in love in front of Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls Engagement session

Minnehaha Falls

Address: 4801 S Minnehaha Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55417

The falls are so beautiful and definitely one of the best outdoor spots for nature photos. These gorgeous falls are in the middle of the city making it an easy and convenient option. The hike up and down the falls is an easy one, and there are multiple spots to do photos!   

The Pergola , as well as the gardens close to it are definitely  good spots.

Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Address: 4124 Roseway Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55409

A beautiful & always colorful Minneapolis garden featuring two fountains and blooms almost all year around. The Rose Garden is a romantic and wonderful spot in the city!

Lake Harriet and Lake Harriet Bandshell Park

Address: 4135 W Lake Harriet Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55409

This picturesque lake, nestled in the heart of the city, is very popular for photo sessions and community gatherings. Full of natural beauty, the Lake Harriet is a commonly sought-after location for engagement photos and family photos, since it has charming lakeside paths, neutral and bright backdrops, docks and blooming gardens and wonderful lighting at sunset. A perfect and truly timeless canvas for your engagement session!  

My favorite beach is the North Lake Harriet beach for a wonderful sunset and the perfect docks. This is within walking distance from the Bandshell.

Lake Bde Mka Ska

Address:  3200 E Calhoun Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Formerly known as Lake Calhoun, this lake can be a beautiful backdrop for your photo session.  A little less busy than Lake Harriet, but very close to it, it has truly great sunset backdrops and beaches with the reflections of the Minneapolis skyline!  During the greener months you will also find beautiful willow trees providing more variety as well.

My favorite beach for a great sunset is the 32nd St Beach, you will need to park  at the Bde Maka Ska East Parking Lot and walk a lot so plan for extra time. You can also park Bde Maka Ska North Parking Lot and walk towards the boats and wheel rentals. Thomas Beach in the South is not the best angle for the Sunset but it has pretty views in the early morning.

Indoor Minneapolis Wedding Photo Locations

If the weather isn’t the best. Here are a few favorites in the Minneapolis- St Paul and surrounding areas:

Guthrie Theater – Minneapolis, MN

Address: 818 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55415

 The Guthrie Theater is one of the most iconic parts of Minneapolis landscape, with its modern architecture and striking blue exterior. This theater is also very fun to photograph inside, where they allow photography indoors as long as it isn’t disruptive to the public (no props or flash) – View (Policy). I recommend researching on their current shows to make sure you are not colliding with one of them.

The Theater most popular spots are the Amber Room , which is all colored with yellow , other areas include blue backdrops and the  Guthrie’s ‘Endless Bridge,’ capturing moments against the backdrop of the Mississippi River and the Minneapolis skyline. 

Photo Permit for Minneapolis Wedding Photo Locations 

Photography and videography require a Minneapolis Photo Permit in all of Minneapolis Parks . There is annual fee of $315 that your photographer will need to have in Minneapolis or $47 for 1.5 hours.  


Whether you choose the pretty streets of St Anthony Main, if you are wanting to show your love for Minneapolis, this list will help you ! 

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