Engagement session couple walking together

Should we do an Engagement session? – A full guide for Engagements Sessions

Should we do an Engagement session? – A full guide for Engagements Sessions


Should we do an engagement session?

As my sweet couples dive headfirst into the rollercoaster of wedding planning, there’s this one question that likes to pop up: “Should we do an engagement session?”  -Is a great question, especially when trying to simplify planning!  Some couples are all about it – the more photos, the better!  Others might be a bit hesitant, thinking it’s an extra cost or worried it’ll feel too posed and not them.  

Let’t forget all you have ever though about Engagement session, the stiff and posed photos you imagined at the park (even if we do go to a park!).

Engagement session couple walking together


What are engagement sessions

Engagement sessions are a photo session with your future spouse.

There are couples who choose an engagement session with a special reason. It could be about sending Save the Dates and announcements, displaying them during the wedding reception, or simply adding some engagement photos to their social media!   

These sessions are about documenting you and this time in your lives. They are a time to connect, laugh a lot and be yourselves with occasional  hand-holding and kissing while I try to capture some photos of all these!

In a session I will mostly give direction, less posing, my purpose is to capture your real smiles, those moments when you are perfectly comfortable with each other . I will do a couple of shots looking at the camera, but mostly I will be looking for candid shots and ask you to love each other 🙂

How does an engagement session work?  

Engagement session are usually booked with your wedding photographer! The first thing that we will do after picking a date , is choosing a location together.

The best time to shoot is around sunset, one hour to hour and a half before the sun sets. 

How do we pick a location?  

When we start planning, I will send you a questionnaire to help me know a little more about your personalities. I will send a few suggestions based on what I think , and will also ask questions  that help me find a good fit for you!  Once we go over these questions you will have a better idea of where to do your engagement photos, 

Here are a few questions that help plan your engagement session:

  1. Where do you feel more comfortable? Is it a public place , a fair full of colors, or a more secluded place in nature?

  2. Do you envision a contrast  from your wedding day? Sometimes, the contrast between a rustic wedding and an urban engagement session can be strikingly beautiful. Or

  3. Would you like to introduce the vibe of your day? Sometimes you can use your engagement photos to let your family and guests aware of your unique wedding style.

  4. Are there any special spots that hold sentimental value for both of you? Incorporating these unique locations can add a layer of personal significance to your engagement photos.

  5. When it comes to showcasing your personalities and signature style, what elements would you like to emphasize in the images? This is your opportunity to let your authentic selves shine! 

  6. Make a list of your favorite trips, your first date and most memorable ones. All these can help us think of similar locations. While you don’t necessarily need to make the same location work, this can help us choose a place that makes you feel the  most you! 


Engagement session ideas

 Consider incorporating shared hobbies or meaningful locations that hold sentimental value, adding a personal touch to your images. Nature lovers might feel the most comfortable in  lush parks or scenic trails, while urban photo shoots  can embrace the vibrant energy of downtown streets.

Reflect on a few of your most cherished memories together. These moments can serve as inspiration!  

Engagement session outfits

This is one of the most asked questions and, let’s face it, the most dreaded one! I recommend thinking of a date night and simplifying it with more neutral options. 

What to wear for your engagement session? 

Could we bring our dog? Props?

We are super awkward! Can you help us pose?

Absolutely, my style is very relaxed , not super posed and focused on movement. I do a lot of walking, hugging, even running! 🙂 Sometimes is awkward at the beginning but thats totally normal!!!

What happens if it rains? 

If there is bad weather on your day, I will be reaching out a day or two before and provide you with a backup date that we can reschedule to.

Reasons to do an engagement session

Photos are like memories

You will have unique pictures that are way better than the ones you take with your phone, and less formal than the ones you will have from your wedding in your wedding attire.

Make your wedding photos better

One of the reasons value engagement sessions so highly is because they give you a chance to connect with your wedding photographer. Spending this time in front of your photographer’s lens will help you to relax with them and let them get to know your quirks and preferences. You’ll feel so much more at ease on your wedding day, because your photographer won’t be a near stranger. And that ease will translate to your wedding photos, making them more natural and beautiful!Wow! Now that I’ve listed these out, I feel even more excited about engagement sessions — haha! I hope I’ve convinced you, too, that engagement photos belong near the top of your list. You’ll never be sorry you made them a priority!

Session are fun!

You will have a good time. I promise . Even if you are nervous, your nervous laughs at the beginning are always fun to capture too! It is a great excuse for you to be all smoochy with your favorite person . It is a great time to reminiscence about your relationship  and be all about  you two,  how cool is that?

Photo sessions are sort of a rehearsal or a test shot

There is a practical use for the engagement sessions. Think of it as a rehearsal shoot. This is a real good reason to get your portraits because it lets you “prepare” and get the feel of the experience before your wedding day with me as your photographer. It lets you look into the process and see how you feel around the camera and how you “look” in the camera.

Get to know each other!

You will get to know how your photographer works and the photographer will get to know how you are . This allows you to feel more  comfortable with having me around all day during your wedding day, and then trusting even more in the final result! Overall you will have a more relaxed experience during your big day. I  spend this time  getting to know you, ask more about  your story, and trying to capture your personalities at their best!


Conclusion: What else should I know about taking engagement photos?

 The most important thing is that you know this is all about you. Seriously!  ♥

 Go for it and  have an amazing time.

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