How to clean your Engagement Ring

Why clean your engagement ring?

We love doing shots of your engagement rings both during your engagement session and for your wedding day! To make sure your engagement ring sparkles, we recommend cleaning it before we do photos.

Cleaning and caring for your engagement ring is actually pretty easy, and while you can take it to your ring jeweler for a professional cleaning, you can also clean your diamond ring at home.  Cleaning your ring at home frequently  will keep it shiny and magical !

I like to use Dawn dish soap but you can use any liquid dish soap, even a greener one.  Some people also recommend using a soft brush or old toothbrush, but depending on your kind of ring this might make the tiny stones lose so I would avoid the brush until you confirm with your jeweler.  Ours came with a very nice cleaning kit from Wedding Day Diamonds.

How to clean your Engagement Ring

To make your own DIY jewelry cleaner mix up these ingredients

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 TBS each of Dawn dish soap
  • Salt

Heat up the water in a microwave safe dish for 2-2.5 Minutes.  Take out carefully as it will be very hot, then add the dish soap.

Put your ring in for 15 minutes, take it out and rinse in cold water.

How often should you clean an engagement ring?

It’s good idea to have your ring cleaned professionally anytime you see your at home process doesn’t bring back that “shine” , but to avoid the build up you are going to want to clean your ring at home on a weekly basis . Realistically do this, once a month to keep everyday oil and debris from building up on it.
If you’re like to garden and wear your ring when doing so , or like to spend time outdoors and wear it as well,  then it will most likely need to get it cleaned professionally to restore that bling.  It might be better to take it off while doing these kind of activities.

How to dry your engagement ring

Avoid using Paper towels as they could scratch your metal, rather dry your ring with a soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth and let it air-dry  before putting it back on.

What NOT to use when cleaning your ring

Never use other chemical cleaners such as  chlorine as they can break down the metals in your ring. Avoid sanitizers and moisturizers .  Never use abrasive products such as toothpaste, baking soda, or   powdered bleach.

Avoid using ultrasonic amazon jewelry cleaners because the stones can become loose in the machine (quick reminder to also have your ring insured!)

Ring Cleaning with the professionals.

Cleaning your ring at your jeweler is probably the best thing to do for your anniversary . Many jewelry stores say to do it once every year so is easy to remember around yoru anniversary (realistically I have only done it twice in ten years )

Is often offered as a complimentary service as part of their lifetime warranties when you purchase the ring, but otherwise the jewelry stores charge from $25 to $50.

 Caring for Your Diamond Ring

Another thing to keep in mind to take care of your sparkly diamond ring would be when to take it off, so here are a few ideas of when it might be better to take it off and put it somewhere safe:

  • Remove your ring when using thick lotions, or cleaning face products.  These creams can cause residue build up and make your ring look dull. 
  • Remove your ring while cooking, washing dishes. Same as for the creams, food, and oils can get stuck and cause dulling in your ring. 
  • Take off your ring if you are going to be something with your hands that is intense, like crossfit or sculpture.
  • Some rings come with a warranty, but you are required to stay on top of the mantainance cleanings. 

Take care of your rings together

Think of your ring as a symbol to your marriage, and how important it is to take care of it! Make a deal with your partner so you are both  taking care of your rings and reminding each other when one of you forget!

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