Unity Ceremony ideas to include in your Wedding Day

Traditional to Non-traditional Unity Ceremony Ideas

Weddings are already such a wonderful and unique celebration, just as the two people that are getting married. If you are thinking of some unity ceremony ideas as a way to express yourselves during your big day, you will find that there are plenty of ways !  Here are 10 unity ceremony ideas for you to consider for your ceremony, from traditional to non traditional!

1. Unity Cross

You may want to have a unity cross. Each partner has a cross that then fit together and are secured with three nails, to represent the Father, Son, and Holy spirit. This is a very spiritual way to represent your union.

2. Unity Sand

Pouring sands together in a pretty container is another way to symbolize the love that you are feeling. The sands are each colored differently, so when they are poured together, they demonstrate how tightly woven your lives are becoming. It’s also a great way to get children involved in the ceremony!

3. Unity Candles

With the unity candles, you will want to each light a tapered candle and then light the unity candle together. The tapered candles are then blown out to demonstrate that you are now living this life as one. This is an excellent way to make sure that your ceremony is traditional as well as beautiful.

4. Unity Plant

Having a unity plant is beautiful! You can take care of it and watch it grow (feeling accomplished together!). The idea behind this is to illustrate the relationship that you are nurturing together. To keep things from getting dirty, you can have an already potted plant and join together to add a handful of soil, or to simply water the plant together.

5. Washing Of Hands Or Feet

To really get into the purity of your union, you can share in the washing of the hands and feet. This is to show that you are both pure as you are entering your union as husband and wife.

6. Blessing Box Unity Ceremony

The idea behind the blessing box is that your loved ones will include a blessing or a thought for you in the box, and they can even be photos. You can open this box anytime you want, or when you need to!

7. Time Capsule Or Memory Box

This is an exceptional way for you to show your love as a couple for one another. You can include all kinds of theatre tickets, napkins from restaurants, brochures from places that you have been together, and a lot more. Keeping the memories alive is what a time capsule or memory box can do for the two of you.

8. Custom Wine Blending

If you want to have something that is very tasty and also beautiful, you can have two wine glasses that you pour into one. This will signify the joining of your lives.

9. Unity Beers

Sharing the beer is a favorite for couples that are beer lovers. You can each take a beer and pour it into your unity beer mug and drink it.

10.  Unity Puzzle

Some couples like to have a unity puzzle. In this way, you’ll signify that each other is the missing piece in the other person’s life.

11. Heart Built From Legos

Building a heart out of legos works for many weddings that there will be children at. It not only allows everyone to take part but it creates a beautiful piece that can be used in the bride and groom’s home at a later time.

12.  Unity Shots

Just like the Unity beers, you will share a shot together (Extra points if you break the glass!)

Unity ceremony ideas are always a little something you can do during ceremony, and many couples do them! Besides your vows, it’s a way to show your love for one another in front of all of the people that are present to celebrate your love.


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