Bracing the Truth – with Renee

bracing the truth

Couldn’t wait to share the photos we did with Renee for the second Episode of the Podcast “Don’t Mind me!”.

In this episode we are talking with the amazing Renee, feminist life coach and writer who’s mission is to find way to empower women through storytelling .

We are talking about navigating big life changes and dealing with anxiety and panic disorder, how these changes affect us, but most importantly how we can overcome and succeed.


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What we talk about!

– General Anxiety Disorder

– Panic Disorder

– Mental health during studies

– Counseling and Therapy

– Medication

– The importance of a support system

– Quitting your studies

– Napping

– Entrepreneurship

– Refueling your energy

Some of my favorite quotes:

“I will never be without my anxiety, but it doesn’t have to control, and it doesn’t have to be my identity, it can be something that I live along side with”

“The resiliency that therapy has taught me, has been the biggest take away”

“I have been able to identify what it is that I really need in the moment, and the way to do that is to first really recognize that you are in the muck and is okay to not be okay and the second thing is to recognize your inherent worth and your inherent preciousness, you are a human deserving of feeling OK. We don’t deserve feeling like crap.”

“I am not a human doing, I am a human being”

“Not necessarily deal with it, but just sit with it. You don’t have to do anything with it, just sit with it”

”  I was able to brace myself for the emotional appeal that moving requires”

“I try to stay positive, I think that staying positive is really important and positive things happen when you are positive. That doesnn’t mean that I  block out all the ugly feelings or that I  don’t recognize all the hurt in world”


Find Renee:

Wild Cozy Truth


Flowers for Algernon
 by Daniel Keyes
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Perfect girls, starving daughters by Courtney E. Martin


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