Finding your light – with Kayla Hollatz

finding light with kayla hollatz

I am so happy to be sharing the photos we took after a conversation  with Kayla for the second Episode of the Podcast “Don’t Mind me!”

This podcast started as a way to start a more honest and normal conversation about mental health. My hope is that it sheds a different light on the importance of mental wellness by sharing our emotional difficulties with a empowering and helpful approach.

Kayla is a writer, copyrighter, business owner and community builder expert.

For the podcast, I invited her to talk with us about her personal journey through mental health and PTSD, as well as sharing how she sees her story as a way to connect and empower others.     

  • Content warning : discussion of mental health symptoms, references to sexual assault

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What we talk about!

– Self awareness

– Finding a community

– Dealing with PTSD

– Building a support system

– Counseling help

–  Journaling as a tool

– Entrepeneurship

– Refueling your energy

Some of my favorite words!

“When do I really need to be refueled by other things?”

“Journaling has been just absolutely incredible for my mental health improvement as well as personal and professional growth. Of course, is probably not that surprising for someone that says that I am writer, but I do think journaling is amazing, to me, it has become this safe space where I don’t have to sound pretty. I don’t have to mask what’s going on, I don’t have to write for clients or for anybody else, I can really just have the mess of what kind my everyday feels like. I can just write that down and let that be, leave it on the page and let it be. It has been very therapeutic from that stand point. ”

“Anytime that you show you with that vulnerability, if it’s the right people, it’s definitely going to bring you closer”

“I can’t do this anymore in my own strength, this is not what I was meant to do. I wasn’t meant to carry around this heavy weight with me, there had to be a better way to live this life. This was the first time that I started to think about how do I ask for help 

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