How to apply for a marriage license in Minnesota?

With planning any kind of wedding, comes the exciting time to make it official with a marriage license!

The marriage license is a legal document thtat you need to get before you are married. Once the license is signed and returned  to the county by the officiant, the marriage certificate is issued.

You will need to apply for a marriage license! You can fill out an application in the county you prefer,  regardless of where you live or where the ceremony will take place, as long as you get married within the state of Minnesota.  Your license needs to be completed and returned to the county where the license was obtained.

The application can be done online in most counties. Some counties offer to fill out an application online, and then you will need to appear in person to sign and pay the license.

Requisites to apply for a marriage license in Minnesota .

Okay, promise that this list looks longer than it really is!

  • You will need to be over 18, provide proof of identification and proof of age.
  • To apply for a Minnesota  marriage license you are not required to be a resident!
  • The license only allows you to marry in the state of Minnesota
  • Both partners must be present to apply for a marriage license. If one party cannot be present, some counties allow you to provide a notarized Supplemental  Part not Appearing Form  and a completed, notarized Marriage License Application.
  • Each partner must provide: full legal name, address, telephone numbers and social security numbers (if they have one).
  • Each partner must provide after-marriage name(s) and address.
  • Fee must be paid at the time you apply for the license.
  • Since 2016, there is no marriage waiting period in Minnesota.

Contact your county Service Center well before your wedding to find out their schedule. Most counties require an appointment and some offer online pre-application

Steps to apply for your Marriage License

  1. Pick up or Download and complete Marriage License Application from the county.
  2. Gather your documents, including identification such as a driver’s license or state ID , passport.
  3. Sign the application at the office window (signature must be witnessed).
  4. Provide proof of counseling, if applying for reduced fee.
  5. If you are divorced or widowed, you will need to provide the date and place of former marriage(s).
  6. Pay the fee via cash, check or credit/debit cards.

 License expiration:

The license needs to be used within six months of being issued and can only be used to get married in the state of MN

The official or person who performs the marriage ceremony should file the marriage license within 5 days of the ceremony

How much is a marriage license in Minnesota?

The cost of a marriage license in the state of Minnesota is $115  and must be used within six months or it will expire.

Reduced fees:  You can apply for a reduced fee if you provide proof of 12 hours of premarital education or counseling by church or counselor (statements must be signed and notarized)

Does Minnesota require witnesses for your wedding?

The day of your wedding you will need to bring your license and at least two wedding witnesses who are at least 16 years of age.

Same-Sex Marriages

Same-sex marriages are legal in the state of Minnesota since 2013.   Since 2015 same-sex marriages became legal in the country of United States.

Copy of Certificate of Marriage

After your wedding, you can request a certified copy of your Marriage certificate, contact the county office where you applied for the license so they can mail it to you for a fee.

How to Change Your Name in Minnesota After the Wedding

Wondering how to change your name after your wedding?  While it isn’t automatically done for you, is really easy:

  • When you’re applying for your marriage license, most counties will allow to apply for the name change in the application. If it doesn’t, you’ll need a court order to serve as your legal name change document.
  • Once you have your marriage certificate or name change court order, you can legally change your name through the Social Security Administration (Link to Form SS-5)
  • Get new Identification: Most importantly:   your passports and driver’s license
  • The MN Judicial Branch recommends you update the following

    • Employer records
    • School records
    • Insurance policies
    • Doctor, dentist and pharmacy records
    • Bank  accounts
    • Utility companies, such as gas, electric and phone
    • State and federal tax agencies
    • State and federal tax authorities
    • and more

Locations to apply for a marriage license in Minnesota

Ramsey County (In person)

Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health Center
555 Cedar Street, Saint Paul MN  55101

Hennepin County (Online pre-application and Remote) 

No walk-in services are available.

Dakota County (Online pre-application and paper)

Service and license centers are open for walk-ins​, but appointments are preferred. Both applicants must sign in person.

Locations available in

If you have completed an online form, you can go to any location to sign it. The application will be available to sign immediately after you send it electronically. Make sure you have your form confirmation number or say that you’ve completed the form online.

Anoka County (Online pre-application)

Both applicants must sign in person in Anoka County

2100 Third Avenue
AnokaMN 55303

Scott County (In person appointments)

200 Fourth Ave West
ShakopeeMN 55379

Washington County (In person)

14949 62nd Street N.
Stillwater, MN 55082



State and county marriage license requirements often change. The information provided by Laura Alpizar Photography is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. Laura Alpizar Photography recommends all to double check for any other requirements  and guidelines put in place by local offices.

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