Surprise Engagement Photos at Boom Island Park Northeast

Proposing at the beautiful Boom Island Park in Northeast Minneapolis was beautiful!

Kyle and I met ahead time and went over the park to  find the perfect spot to ask his girlfriend to marry him!!!

My favorite part was how surprise in shock and happy Bree was! Look at her reaction below 🙂 And of course the surprise champagne was amazing too!

Enjoy the awesomeness of their photos!

Couple Celebrating Champagne during their Park engagement              Boom Island Park in the Northeast Area is one of the prettiest spots in the city!

Boom Island Park Lighthouse

If you are looking to do your Engagement photos at Boom Island, is a gorgeous park!


Are you planning to propose? Because I would love to be a part of yours too!  Proposal  are full of emotion and  we always sneak some candid photos afterwards as well!

I would love to be part of your surprise proposal!  View more ideas on tips on surprise proposals, and contact me anytime so we can plan yours !

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