Minnesota Wedding Guide – Everything you need to know about getting married in MN

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Wedding Planning Tips

Everything you need to know about your Minnesota Wedding, from finding the best venue for you, picking the date, and choosing when to get married.

Getting married in Minnesota

Minnesota has a reputation for  having nice people,  who love nature,  enjoy good food and know how to bare the cold. As a wedding photographer, I love working in such beautiful state! With ten thousand lakes, many rivers, farmland , parks and woods, it gives a truly assortment of Minnesota wedding venues and options for getting married at.

From the popular Twin Cities area to the magical woods of the North Shore, you can find so many beautiful places to get married. Full of historic mansions, gorgeous barns and with a growing trend of elopements you can find more than you think .

As you read through this guide to getting married in Minnesota, you’ll also discover a few more things that are good to know about unique weddings in Minnesota.

For a more specific guide to Minneapolis, click to see Minneapolis Wedding Guide

What’s the best time to get married in Minnesota?

Many Minnesota venues offer indoor spaces perfect for cold winter nights, and outdoor patios for longer summer evenings.

While we do have weddings all seasons (and in all kinds of weather), the most popular time to get married in Minnesota is from May to September which, include late spring, summer, and early fall seasons. This is the time venues are usually busier as well as other wedding vendors.

Here is a little walkthrough the Minnesota seasons, weather specifics source is from Weather-us.com

Seasons in Minnesota

Winter Weddings

Gorgeous snow backdrops but chilly temperatures! Winters are cold and snowy in Minnesota. You will want to prepare, so consider snow boots, mittens and winter shawls for photos outside.

If you opt for a December wedding, the holiday spirits might warm you up! Temperatures are the lowest in the coldest month of January (we tend to get polar over here)

February and March bring slightly warmer temperatures, but plenty of snow.

Spring Weddings

Technically, March brings the Spring, but I have found that to be positive thinking. I consider March still winter with average temperatures of 34°F (1.1°C) to 45°F (7.2°C) . Snow continues to show here and there with a little bit of slush and rain. April turns a bit warmer as both gardening and wedding seasons start!

May is peek Spring: a gorgeous month full of perfect days and pleasant days, with the average being 56°F as flowered trees and luscious greens start to pop up. Rain jackets and backup plans for outdoor ceremonies are a must.

Summer Weddings in Minnesota

The summer months are hot, but June is one of the most pleasant months of the year. The average temperature ranges from 44 to80 degrees Fareneheit during the day make it the most popular month nose to nose with September. For outdoor wedding photos and ceremonies keep a backup plan (tents and umbrellas work for most!)

July tends to be the safest when it comes to rain, but the hottest month indeed. A lot of Lakeside weddings happen, as the lakes bring nice temperatures in its proximity. Late August temperatures can drop a bit but the thunderstorms can return.

. The summer days are full of sunshine with the sun setting around 8-9 PM. Here is a great breakdown of a Summer Wedding Timeline


Fall Weddings

Outdoor wedding venues in Minnesota are a wonderful way to experience this crisp, golden and colorful season. Peak color is usually Mid October but can sometimes be earlier. The scenic highways and lakes are wonderful to just be around!

Fall temperatures are mild, with the average temperature in September 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while October tends to stay around the 60s.

Fall is the golden time for weddings and a busy time for engagement sessions as well. Looking at fall’s gorgeous colorful photos you will easy see why it is so popular for couples.

The Twin Cities area offers a great variety . You can find small venues, unique venues, indoor venues perfect for the colder season and gorgeous outdoor spaces for those long summer days.

Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

Minneapolis Wedding Venues

If you love Minneapolis as much as we do and want to get getting married in the state’s most popular city.

St Paul Wedding Venues

A list of my favorite venues in St Paul



Unique Wedding Venues in Minnesota

A list of the most unique venues all around!

Minnesota Small Wedding Venues

Small Weddings have fewer guests and require simpler planning, usually all you need is a venue, a few vendors and a set date!  Some couples choose to keep the ceremony limited to close friends and family.

I drafted a list of Venues that offer space for smaller ceremonies and I have been adding to it as restaurants and other venues open up their possibilities

Minnesota Elopements

As a way to focus on just the two of us, Elopements are getting so popular ! Here are two useful resources if you are leaning to eloping away:

Unique ideas for your wedding.

If you are brainstorming for unique ways to make your wedding truly yours, I have witnessed wonderful couples truly tailor the wedding of their dreams, so I have gathered a bunch of alternative ideas for your wedding and also for your Unity Ceremony

What to do in Minnesota

If you are having your guests visit for your wedding, you can give your guests a truly Minnesota experience.

  • The cities : From sightseeing to incredible cuisine, the Twin Cities offer an incredible amount of restaurants, theathers and museums:
  • The lakes : I am a little embarrased to mention so many things about the lakes, but Minnesota is truly the land of lakes!
  • The fairs: The greatest Minnesota great together, the Rennaisance Festival and the Winter Carnival are great ways to start!
  • The Northshore : The Lake Superior is sworn to take your breath away !

Minnesota Wedding Planning Checklist

After your proposal you can start planning your dreams right away!

  1. Find your venue (Timeline: As soon as you can)

2. Find your photographer (Timeline: As soon as you have a date booked)

We tend to book one year to one year and a half before your wedding date.

4. Build your vendor dream team (1 year to 6 months in)

Flowers, catering, band and other wonderful vendors.

6. Plan your ceremony, details, and activities (9 months to 6 months in)

7. Get your marriage license (6 months to 3 months in)

How much is a marriage license in Minnesota?

The cost of a marriage license in the state of Minnesota is $115  and must be used within six months or it will expire.

Minnesota Engagement Photography

Yes to photos! Engagement photos are a great way to capture this time in your lives and freeze in a little bottle made of happy photos.

Picking a location for your wedding that showcases your personality is a great way to add up to your already fantastic story:

Here are my favorite wedding Engagement Locations in Minnesota!

Wedding Timeline Planning

Building your timeline draft is great, your photographer or your planner can help you with this.

Here are some wedding timeline tips to help you draft a timeline since the start:

Example Timelines

Planning your wedding timeline can start  from your ceremony or from sunset time. 

Example Summer Timeline: 

12:00 Getting Ready

1:30 First Look

2:30 Bridal Party

3:00 Family Portraits

3:30 Freshen up

4:00 Ceremony

4:30  End Ceremony / Receiving line

5:00 Cocktail hour

5:30 Sunset Couple Photos (1 hour before sunset) 

7:00 Reception / Grand Entrance

7:30-8 Dinner

Minnesota Wedding Vendors

There are some incredible vendors in Minnesota, check the ones I have liked to work with the most:

Wedding dress shops in Minnesota 

I honestly love these shops:

The Wedding Shoppe, St. Paul

Rush’s Bridal/


The White Room

Minnesota Wedding Budget

How much do couples spend on a Minnesota wedding ?

The average wedding cost in 2020 was $33900 and Minnesota ranks 16 out of 51 States in average wedding cost with $28,800.

The average guest count is 131 guests Nationwide (Source: The Knot) and Average Cost per Guest Meal is $42

Wedding Budget Average

Overal expenses $35415
Day of Coordinator $1250
Venue + Catering $12000
Photographer $4000
Flowers & Decor 1800
Videographer $2500
Wedding Gown + Accessories $2000
Suit & Accessories $1000
Music $1000
Wedding Cake $500
Hair & Makeup $250
License $115

Let’s check if your date is available!

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