Choosing a Local wedding Photographer

Flowers, food and venue, all will be amazing ! However, the local wedding photographer you choose to use will be the one that will capture all the memories in pictures that you can see and remember or a lifetime.

Here are a few tips to ensure you are getting the best match for wedding photography!

Why Local? This is by no means a rule! However, my recommendation for going local helps to locate someone that knows the area, the weather, the events happening around your wedding. You can find what area your local wedding photographer covers in their Google Business profile!

1. Finding a Local wedding Photographer: Find what moves you

Wedding photographers have many styles, try browsing through wedding pictures to narrow down what gets your attention the most and what you believe matches your style.

Most of us photographers are a mix of multiple styles and creative approaches.

Traditional style is probably what you will see in your parents pictures, the couple and most of the people are looking to the camera and smiling in formal poses.

Documentary style, also refer to as “photo journalistic”  is all about the real moments and a photographer that is pure in this style will try not to interfere much so they can get all the greatest angles without being noticed.

Fine art photography, also close to the “editorial” style is all about reflecting real moments with style. The photographer might be creative and move things around a little bit. Most of the pictures are dreamy and look like they came out of a magazine. Some of these photographers tend to to use vintage and film tones to their pictures.

Contemporary or modern style photographers like different angles closer to high fashion photography and usually extra lighting to create dramatic, “WOW” shots. They document your wedding and add a little more edge to the photos and poses.

These definitions don’t mean that photographers don’t mix styles, they do all the time!

To get a sense of their portfolio browse through their portfolios and blogged weddings. See if what you see is what you would like to see about your wedding day, and if it makes you excited!

2. Hire a Local wedding Photographer: Think of your investment

Remember this will be a life long investment, there is a risk that comes with cheap photography and sometimes it isn’t only bad photos, but bad experiences.

 Their price is usually defined by  years of experience and demand in the market. Photographer’s only list their starting price in their website but that will give you an idea on whether or not you can hire them.

Attitude and experience is one of the most important things, as you want to hire someone that is prepared for the day !

3. Find a Local Wedding Photographer: Research:

Photographers are super accessible nowadays so don’t hesitate to get in touch as soon as you find a photographer that you like!

What to look when researching a photographer? Look for their website first, a good website is a sign of professionalism. Other things worth checking out are reviews from other couples, their portfolio of course, and their bio. If they have a blog browse through it since this will reflect their most recent work and their personality as well.

A wedding photographer should be both professional and charming as it will be interacting with your guests and you all day.

A good tip:  Talk to your friends. Have married friends? Ask them about their wedding photos. You might even get the chance to view their whole album and see how a whole wedding looks like. Where they happy with their photographer and investment? How did it feel to be in front of the camera all day?

4. Find a local Professional Photographer: Get in touch:  

After you have narrowed down your research , send an email to check your photographer availability for your day!

 You can take this occasion to ask for their packages list and ask other vital questions like how do you book them for the day!

  You will get to ask more questions in the actual meeting with them but this will give you a sense about how they work.

5. Choose a Photographer: Setup interviews:

The interviews are the most fun parts, as you will get to meet some fun people. Photographers are for the most part, really nice people and very talkative. Interview with the 3 photographers that you like the most !

Before the meetings, write down your questions and make sure to get as much information as possible. Write down their answers too (Good for comparing later) and everything you get to know about their packages and prices.

Your personality and their personalities could match and that is usually a good sign, if you have done your research already and have a great meeting, most likely they will be great during your wedding day.

You will find a lot of questions to ask online, some are great to ask like “Will you be the main photographer ” , while others are not so important like asking about the equipment they use.

6. Take the next step to hire your local wedding photographer:  Confirm you want to book!

After you talk with your loved one be ready to make the call to hire one of your wonderful photographers.

You can call them or send them an email, sometimes you can even setup another meeting just to sign the contract in person. You can ask for a chance to review the contract which usually talks about due dates, cancellation and deposit fees. Very important stuff!

Make sure to drop a note to the other photographers you interviewed with just in case and to gain some karma points .


Good luck and have a happy wedding day!


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