Wedding Venues for Small Ceremonies in Minneapolis St Paul

Wedding Venues for Small Ceremonies in Minneapolis St Paul

A guide for Small Wedding Venues in the Twin Cities

Maybe a small wedding venue in Minnesota is what you had in mind to start with! Maybe it wasn’t ! However, if you are leaning towards a more intimate celebration of your wedding ceremony for now,  I’d like to jump in and give you some tips as a wedding photographer.

 I have included information on small Weddings in Minneapolis and Minnesota and a list of my favorite wedding venues in Minnesota and the Twin cities that accommodate Intimate Weddings with smaller groups.

Intimate ceremonies and Mini Weddings

Small Weddings are a great choice for couples who want a simpler wedding.

Creative Places to host your Intimate Wedding or Reception

  1. Charmed Studios in Minneapolis
  2.  Revel Room in NE Minneapolis
  3. The Annex in Minneapolis

Wedding Venues offering Small Weddings in Minneapolis

While we sometimes use both terms Elopement or Small Weddings for minimal ceremonies with few guests, small weddings have a few more guests and there is more planning involved.  Smaller weddings require more planning, usually a venue, a few vendors and a set date!  Some couples choose to keep the ceremony limited to close friends and family and some even choose to not have a big dance.

Wedding ceremony at the Minnesota Arboretum gardens with chairs outdoors
Small ceremony at the Minnesota Arboretum

It’s a big city but it is full of little gems! I have created this list of wedding venues in Minneapolis that are accommodating intimate ceremonies at the moment!

  1. The Blaisdell
  2. Copper Hen
  3. Van Dusen Mansion
  4. Hewing Hotel
  5. Walker Art Museum
  6. Mill City Museum
  7. Orchestra Hall
  8. American Swedish Institute
  9. Semple Mansion
  10. Brick and Mortar
  11. Theodore Wirth Chalet and Pavillion
  12. Solar Arts
  13. Aster Cafe
  14. The Anex
  15. Cafe Lurcat
  16. Cafe Alma
  17. 300 Clifton
  18. Bakken Museum
  19. Royal Foundry Spirits
  20. Norway House (new!)
  21. Hilton Garden Inn – University
Paikka in St Paul

Wedding Venue offering Small Weddings in St Paul

  1. Summit Manor
  2. Paikka
  3. Como Park and Conservatory
  4. Abula’e
  5. WA Frost
  6. Station 10

Hotels and Restaurants in the Twin Cities for small receptions

  1.  Paris Dining Club in Minneapolis
  2. Umbra in Minneapolis
  3. Barbette in Minneapolis
  4. Lynhall in Minneapolis and Edina
  5. Astercafe in Minneapolis
  6. Lurcat in Minneapolis
  7. Seven in Minneapolis
  8. Britt’s Pub Veranda in Minneapolis
  9. Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis
  10. Alma in Minneapolis
  11. Brick and Mortar in Minneapolis
  12. Tulibee restaurant (hewing hotel)
  13. Freehouse in Minneapolis
  14.  Wa frost in St Paul
  15. Cossettas in St Paul
  16. The lexington in St Paul
  17. Bacio in Minnetonka
  18. BLVD in Minnetonka
  19. 6Smith in Wayzata 6Smith in Wayzata

To read more about elopements and intimate weddings in Minnesota, view my Minnesota Elopement Photographer guide that is packed with information!

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