Get Ready for your Wedding at an AIRBNB

Get Ready for your Wedding at an AIRBNB

Why I recommend getting ready at an AIRBNB

Sometimes I recommend my couples to getting ready for theirwedding at an airbnb and I am going to share the reasons (and photographic examples) on why this is a great idea! Maybe you haven’t yet decided where you will get ready for your wedding day so this might be useful to you!
The photos during the getting ready and the preparations before the ceremony some of the most beautiful and candid ones.  While the couple are still getting those last details on, everyone else around them is excited as well. There are hugs and laughs, there are tears sometimes and toasts and other unplanned moments.  As the anticipation is building and the day starts to get real, the photos get that glimpse of the real excitement and even the nerves building up and I am sure you will want to look back on those moments as well.
Renting an AIRBNB a great option if your venue doesn’t have a  bridal suite and you find yourself looking for hotels close to it! Also a great idea for poorly lit rooms that might end up used as bridal suites, but are, however, not ideal for getting ready photos.  Let’s talk about WHY getting ready on an AIRBNB is the greatest idea ever! Here are the main reasons I would say is better to find a great place to get ready at.

1. Prettier rooms

The rooms at many AIRBNB’s can be bright and very often are well decorated . After you see the photos below don’t you want to get cozy? Much rather this scene for the day of than getting ready in a cramped Conference rooms with white boards in the background !

2. More Room

The places I have been to are roomy and have , if you will forgive the repetition –  more rooms to get ready and just hang out. This is specially useful if you have a bridal party, or if your family is joining you for the preparations.  Once everybody has all their stuff out there, it can get crowded in the biggest hotel rooms.  You could even enjoy this singularity the night before, and stay to have a wonderful time with your favorite people.

3. The lighting is often SO MUCH better

Oh Beautiful light! How we need it as photographers and videographers. We avoid tungsten lamps or fluorescent office lights like the plague (but work with it when we have to) , but getting ready at an AIRBNB you can pick a place with ample natural light !
4. The details
After hanging out in a few AIRBNBs I realized hotels can have the most boring chairs and mirrors. They are just “things” , I know , but they can add to the feeling and vibe of your photos. Look at the pretty chair we found at this modern place in Minneapolis downtown:

5.Fun surprises

Sometimes the places you can rent out there have fun surprises like an Arcade, a bar, games to play, bluetooth speakers, fire pits! I have seen so many cool things that are added by superhosts that it just makes sense!

Your bridal party (specially the boys, who are ready so early in the day) will have a great time!

6. More privacy

No more running through halls finding ice for your bucket!

7. Less rules

You can bring your dog, your food, your alcohol, your music. There are way less rules in AIRBNBs than in any other place!

 Let’s talk about getting married on an AIRBNB Next!  In the meantime here are my favorite AIRBNBs in the Twin Cities.





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