Unique Alternative ideas for your wedding

Unique Alternative ideas for your wedding

Unique ideas for weddings

When we talk about weddings many people think about wedding traditions (cake anyone? ).  I would like to flood your head with some unique alternative ideas for your wedding!

Traditions are not a bad thing, at all! Bring on the wedding cake and toss and all those fun, but make sure you find the things that are meaningful to you as well. Some times traditions from your own cultures or heritages will be a great way to make your wedding day unique.

Think about you and and the experience you want to create for your day. A good exercise is to think back to the last time you were a guest at a wedding, what would you do differently? What stayed with you until Monday?  How can you make your guests have a great experience as well (and be comfortable!) And most of all, how can you have a stress-free, fun and meaningful day?

Sit, down, let your imagination run and think how would you like to make your wedding really yours.

There are things that will pop in your head for sure and if you are running blank, don’t worry. Here are some examples I have loved!

Non traditional- ideas for your wedding

We will start with some unique non-traditional wedding ideas that would shape the entire day! Where you get married is a great deal so we will start by that. Do you want to find a unique venue or do you want to find somewhere completely out of the wedding world?

  • Have your wedding at an unique venue like an art gallery
  • How about a warehouse
  • Have your wedding at your backyard
  • Having your wedding at a Airbnb /VRBO
  • City Hall and a meal
  • Have a BBQ instead of a wedding reception
  • Eloping somewhere totally awesome with your best friends
  • Have your wedding at the summer camp where you met

See Leah and Dean Camps wedding here

  • Elope in your nearest park
  • Have a brunch wedding on a Sunday
  • Have a wedding in your parent’s farm

See Josh and Maren Farm Backyard wedding here

Alternative Bridal Parties

Have alternative Bridal Parties or have no bridal party at all ! Have Grooms People and Bride People.

See these Minnetonka Orchard Wedding photos

Unique ideas to do in your wedding day

These ideas are just alternative things to include in your wedding day, it can be something you do before your day starts, or just some time during your wedding day.

  • Race before your day
  • Spend a quiet morning together
  • Include your pet to your wedding day by having them around during getting ready
  • Take  public transportation to your wedding
  • Plant a tree together
  • Get ready on an airbnb
  • Include your friends and family
  • Play the music you love during your wedding day instead of the normal songs
  • Decorate with things that are meaningful to your relationship
  • Read your vows in private

See Grace and Dan’s unique Backyard wedding here

Unique wedding outfits

How about just having different outfits all together? You can either steer away from the tux and gown, or just add some color, add some flare! Have fun and show your personality.

  • Wear a vintage dress
  • Wear something non-traditional
  • Wear something traditional to your culture and upbringing
  • Personalize your bouquet with a hanker-chief or a photo of a loved one

Non-traditional Wedding ceremony ideas

One of the most important parts of the day is the ceremony, and this is the part that many couples want to make unique and non-traditional.  I have to admit seeing traditions brought from other cultures is one of my favorite things as it makes the ceremony feel unique.

  • Walk together down the aisle or mix up your processional
  • Have a friend or a family member be the wedding officiant
  • Include your children in the ceremony
  •  Include a tradition from the places you are from
  • Have Grooms people or Brides people instead of the standard and have them wear awesome outfits.
  • Write your own vows or seek other meaningful or fun options for vows and readings
  • Mix up the seating
  •  Thank your parents during the ceremony or that one friend that introduced you
  • Include a unique ceremony ritual ! See unique unity ceremony idea

Alternative Wedding Reception Ideas

  • Have unique decorations
  • Unique wedding guestbooks
  • Have an accordion player
  • Do karaoke instead of a dance
  • Yard Games
  • A tractor ride to your wedding reception
  • Yard Lounges
  • Surprise fireworks
  • Have extra comfort goodies for guests: A blanket, a fan, flip flops for the dance floor
  • Take a school bus to your reception

Unique Food ideas

Alternative ideas for your engagement session

  • Go to your favorite bar
  • Go for a canoe ride
  • Go dress up for the Renaissance Festival
  • Make pancakes and play board games at Home
  • Snowball fight anyone?


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